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Sa-Ves was born in Lugano, Switzerland in 1985. When he was 18 months old he moved with his mother and older brother to Withernsea, a small seaside town in Yorkshire, England. His passion for music started early – at first it was whatever was on the radio – but then he was introduced to Hip Hop. It wasn’t what everyone else was listening to but this style of music had him in a world of his own. But apart from the music it was not so easy to stay out of trouble, and when the police got involved it was time to leave his hometown and return to Switzerland. He occupied himself with the music he loved. He shared these rhymes and lyrics with his brother who had also grown to appreciate the music Sa-Ves loved. On the 24th of September 2005 *Severin Lüthi Nordon*, Sa-Ves’ older Brother died in a tragic accident. Not really knowing where he stood in life Sa-Ves pumped more energy into his lyrics and rhymes. Performing on stages around Switzerland Sa-Ves collected experience and confidence, which has been to hear in his music over the years. 

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